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Skypeak Useful Info


At Skypeak Adventures we’re serious about safety. All climbers wear safety harnesses and are connected to a cable at all times while on our challenges. If you fall off anything, you can simply climb back on.

All participants undergo a compulsory training and induction session before commencing any of the climbing experiences. Our highly trained crew will be there to lend a hand if needed and to ensure you have an awesome experience!

Skypeak Adventures is designed with the physical fitness level of each guest in mind. Outdoor adventurers will discover their own challenge while “just for fun” climbers will experience a sense of accomplishment as they navigate through the course.


We recommend climbers wear comfortable clothing and sporty, enclosed shoes. It’s also a good idea to cover your shoulders, waist and thighs so the harness fits comfortably. Long hair should to be tied back and any loose jewellery removed.

You can still have lots of fun even in wet weather – so remember to bring a waterproof jacket if there’s a chance of rain.


For safety reasons no loose objects are allowed on the challenge area, including cameras and phones. If you do want to take photos of your experience, phones and cameras are permitted on the Skypeak Walk platforms.

We’d love to see your adventures – share your experience on Facebook and tag us in the shot!


It’s easy to forget about the sun when you’re outdoors, and with minimal shade on the Skypeak structure we do ask that you play it safe – make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat before you start your climb.


Wet weather introduces a whole new climbing experience and windy days can add a whole new level of challenge. However, your safety is our first priority and if it becomes necessary to close the park for reasons beyond our control (such as lightning, high winds or storms) our Skypeak crew will be on hand to assist you off the structure.


All that climbing is bound to build up an appetite – and you’ll find all you need at the café we share with the Go Bananas Family Entertainment Centre. Whether you’re after a cold drink, a quality coffee, some delicious home baked treats, a healthy lunch, or a light snack for you and your family – we’ve got it covered.

As we are an outdoor facility, there’s plenty of indoor seating available inside Go Bananas, where you can relax and hang out– even when you’re not climbing.


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