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Enjoy the adrenaline filled thrills of a Skypeak zipline or bungee like jump!

Step off SkyPeak’s highest platform into a drop of bungee like proportions.  It’s our signature Ledge Leap jump.

Launch yourself onto our Lets Go Zipline – the uniquely different zipline where you zip along and then literally let go!!

Freefall flying with a soft landing is the essence of a Skypeak Jump.

Combine Sky Jumps with a Climbing adventure

Skypass 1.5 Hr

Includes: Full Safety Induction 
1Hr Climbing – choose 
your aerial crossings 
1 x Sky Jump (Optional)
Pricing: Single
$32.00 ea

Skypass 2.5 Hr

Includes: Full Safety Induction 
2Hr Climbing – choose 
your aerial crossings 
2 x Sky Jumps (Optional)
Pricing: Single
$49.00 ea


STRICT height minimum of 140cm

Max climber weight 130kg

We take safety seriously. Click here for details

What to Expect

No binding your feet together to hobble to the edge like traditional bungee. The modern technology of a Skypeak Jump and our full body harnesses mean you simply step, walk or even run forward to start your jump.

Make your way up to tree top levels. Take in the views and feel the breeze on your face. Secure your harness to one of jump reels and by now your nerves are building. That’s normal. Now you’re ready for launch you can look down. You are up high! Chances are you’ll be a bit dry in the mouth. That’s normal too. You are all set for one of Sydney’s more thrilling and adrenaline filled adventures.

Making the decision to jump is the height of excitement. Counting down and doing it together with a fellow jumper makes it easier and more fun.

Then the instant thrill and pure elation of rapid freefall ….

…. then you feel the gentle speed arrest through your harness …..

…. before you softly touch down back to earth ….

…. you’ll be grinning hard as your elation flows ….

…. and your heartrate will begin to return to normal!

Sharing a Skypeak Jump with a friend or family member next to you is an experience second to none. Count down together, launch together, fly together, land together and of course relive it thrill together afterwards.

Opening Times

Skypeak Adventures is CLOSED NOW

Skypeak Adventures is fully open 5 days a week

THU - MON 9am – 5pm

TUE & WED – confirmed bookings only

Public Holiday Hours 11am – 4pm
(Last climb 2pm)