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Take your school excursion to new heights at SKYPEAK ADVENTURES!

Are you looking for a new experience to inspire your students on their next school excursion?

Look no further than our world-class aerial facility that will provide students with a long lasting, memorable experience like no other.

With over 60 adrenalin-filled aerial challenges that students can conquer individually or as teams, SKYPEAK’s excursion packages are specifically designed to support current school curriculum outcomes as well as build kids’ confidence, foster resilience and encourage problem-solving in a fun, unique & safe environment.

Whether your students are novices or thrill seekers at heart, this exhilarating attraction based at St Marys in Western Sydney (one hour from Sydney CBD) has something for everyone. Climbers are able to choose their own difficulty level and tackle the course at their own pace.

The course will see climbers test their mettle as they clamber up a series of towers and platforms, some as high as six storeys and tackle challenges such as bridge walks, high trapeze swings, monkey bars, barrel runs, zip lines, free fall drops and more!

Their time at SKYPEAK will help them discover:

  • Teamwork– Climbers will encourage their classmates to complete the difficult aerial challenges they are faced with as they undertake the course together showing the true spirit of mateship.
  • Resilience– Students will be challenged to overcome their fear of heights and the unknown in a fun and safe environment.
  • Confidence – following the completion of the aerial challenges students will have increased their self-confidence and will notice a boost in their self-esteem.

SKYPEAK ADVENTURES is a unique and universally enjoyable choice for schools with customisable programs which can be tailored to your budget and to suit specific timeframe or curriculum requirements.

Students will walk away from the day with so much more than just a fun day out and a great memory.

To find out more or to book your next school excursion contact the friendly team at SKYPEAK on (02) 9677 7759 or email